UIC Office,

is established to contribute to the conversion of the scientific knowledge at universities into economic value by transferring them to industry. Main aim is to direct  the technical needs  of public institutions and industries of different sizes to required R&D studies to ensure a sustainable  collaboration by bringing academic researchers at universities and the industrialists together.
directs projects at the concept stage or R&D studies  to the industry in the most efficient way and channels the needs of the industry to the academic researchers to ensure the preparation of projects and coordinates the whole process.
UIC Office which is operating as part of HT-TTM since 2009;

determines the potential R&D projects and directs R&D studies to the industry in the most efficient way and involves university resources in the process
brings industrialists and academic researchers together to ensure the implementation of projects by national or international funding programs
Supports R&D studies at any stage from idea to final product,
enables the creation of industry-industry meeting platforms
enables the formation of new business synergies by holding focus group studies between university and industry
brings academicians and industrialists together to support the commercialization of academic researches
Transfers academic/technical know-how to the industry, promotes  public institutions-university- industry collaboration and gives services about contract management, legal support and follow-up of the administrative and financial process

Our Team

University Industry Collaboration Office Coordinator
University-Indusrty Collaboration Expert
University-Indusrty Collaboration Expert